Local SEO Checklist 2023 – Improve Your Local Search Rankings

Develop a mobile-friendly website

Optimize your Business for the Mobile-First Index The usage of internet in mobile phones has gained prominence over the years, eventually becoming more common than desktop internet usage by January 2014, according to this Wikipedia post. Owing to its exponential growth in the past few years, Google has announced that they will be rolling out a mobile-first index in […]

Setup Google Analytics

As a business owner, you should always make data-driven decisions. Especially for your business website. Starting from the content and color scheme, right down to the layout and structuring, every element on on your website should be present with a purpose. At every instance, when you add, remove or modify an element on your website, […]

Setup Google Webmasters

You know those security checks you face before getting on a flight or traveling on a cruise ship? As annoying as they might seem, they are necessary protocol that every traveler has to go through. These security checks ensure that the entire journey is hassle-free and smooth for you and the staff onboard. Similarly, if […]

Select Business Categories Carefully

The act of selecting business categories while listing your brand on Google has been hyped on multiple occasions. It might come across as a daunting task. In reality, it is a fairly simple ordeal. The only catch with selecting business categories on your Google My Business (GMB) listing is that you have to do it […]

Provide accurate data on your Google listing

Have you ever followed the directions to a particular store or establishment and reached the destination only to realize that the pin location was wrong? All this time you wasted to get there, could have been put to better use. The scenario is so frustrating! To paraphrase the same situation, would you want any of […]