What Is Local SEO And Why Is It Important?

If you’re a local business, or someone who wants to market your products to a local audience, you want to be ranking higher in Local Search Results. Simply put, Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website, local profiles and reputation in order to ensure that you rank higher up in the search result pages when the search is made locally(nearby your business).

Why Is Local SEO Important?

It is estimated that more than half the searches performed on Google have local intent. This means that one in two people in Google are actually looking for local products or services. You're losing out on all of this traffic and business unless you get your Local SEO right.

Moreover, post the Penguin update by Google, you cannot just create a Google+ profile and hope that you rank automatically. You'll need to actually put in effort to optimize and get your profiles and websites ranking for local searches.

If you're looking to get the basics right..

It might be a good idea to just focus on the website optimization, managing your Google profile and online business citations sections of this guide. But, we'd still highly recommend that you implement all of the steps mentioned here for best results.