Local SEO Checklist 2023 – Improve Your Local Search Rankings

Local SEO Basics: Strategies To Improve Your Rankings

When was the last time you came across someone opening up an old telephone book to look for a product or a service? The go-to mode for search and discovery has become the internet. Your customers pick up their mobile phones and simply ask Siri or Google Assistant to find the right solution for their problem. Or, you’ll find them on Google, searching for “plumber near me” or “pet-friendly restaurants near me”.

If you are looking to capitalize on customers from the locality for your business or storefront, then you must be concentrating on local SEO. In order to be found by the right customers via Google search, voice search or even search on mobiles, you have to make sure that your local SEO game is strong. One of the most important factors that is taken into consideration for local search rankings is a structured citation from multiple credible sources.

As a local marketer, or the owner of a local business, you should be aware of the citation directories that your business is already featured on. If you aren’t sure of it, you can run a free scan here.

Listing your business on reputed online directories will help you establish your NAP(Business Name, Address and Phone Number) across the web. It is important for you to ensure that your NAP is uniform on all directories/mentions of your business. You should also feature complete location data of your business. If a website or directory gives you the opportunity of adding details apart from the basic NAP, you should definitely go for it. This will help improve the credibility of your business and can bring in more customers. Most of all, this will help with your local SEO!

Without further delay, here is a list of the top 50 sites where your business should be present for sure!

The above list might seem lengthy and the process of getting your business listed on each of these directories is cumbersome. Every directory has specific details that they go after and slightly different verification procedures. As a business owner, the task will sound daunting.

Well, fret not, for there are automated local SEO tools that can help you manage your business listings in a uniformed fashion. Synup is one such tool that caters to small businesses with single or multi locations, enterprises and agencies of all types. The local intelligence software can help you automate your business listings, manage them and sync the information across directories online, from a single dashboard.

The day isn’t far when every household will have its own AI assistant that takes care of menial tasks like booking travel, hiring servicemen, getting food delivered or even booking a doctor’s appointment. As a business owner, your goal is to make sure that the right people (or these bots, for that matter) find you. In doing so, you can keep up with the demand and be present where you are needed.