Local SEO Checklist 2023 – Improve Your Local Search Rankings

Setup 301 Redirects

Let’s take a common scenario of a person moving from one residence to another. When your address changes, you take the initiative to inform your family, friends, relatives and authorities like the bank who might mail you. In other words, you ensure that your mail is forwarded to your new address. What happens when you […]

Pay Attention To XML Sitemap

They say “With great power comes great responsibility”. While adding an XML sitemap to your business website gives it great power, you have to ensure that the sitemap is made responsibly. If you fail to pull out a proper XML sitemap, it might not make your website as “powerful” as you’d hoped. A highly common […]

Use structured data markup

Are you someone who obsesses with labels and label-makers? If your answer was no, you’re not going to like the task ahead of you. While you’re working towards improving the local SEO for your business, you should work on a structured data markup for your website. It is a simple task that does not take […]

feature complete location data

In a world where all your customers have moved to the digital medium, it only makes sense for your business to also be present there. Research has shown that over 97% of consumers search online for products or services that they need. Therefore, your customer has to find you when they look for products or […]

optimize your navigation menu

When a user lands on a new website, he acts like a lost puppy in a strange neighborhood. If this website is yours, you’re going to want to guide this puppy home. On the way, you would want him to have some fun and pick up a few treats. Now you could hire a guide […]

Optimize your images

While putting down content for a website, business owners and marketers always look to include images. Media in the form of images, videos, infographics, creatives and GIFs have become one of the most important aspects while building a website these days. They promise to bring color to the site and help in making the content […]

Structure your URLs

Building perfect URLs is every business owner and web developer’s dream. It holds great value as it is the first thing that search engine crawlers and website visitors notice. URL structures have a significant impact on your website’s SEO and also help build the site’s hierarchy. Search Engines and URLs Search engines have now evolved […]

Optimize title tags

Improving on a business’ local SEO is not the most enticing task, but it is a rewarding effort one can take. It is a low-hanging fruit that business owners and marketers should concentrate on to reap benefits. Every busy entrepreneur or stressed marketer is constantly trying to improve the traffic to their business website. While […]